Materials handling

Automotive production involves the transport of a number of different materials and products. Products that are particularly important, especially due to their size, such as car bodies or car body parts. Long transport routes also present system planners with a challenge.

Rapid Link, the decentralised drive control system is a perfect match for horizontal material flow applications. It controls, protects and monitors the drive of the conveyor whilst only using a minimum of space and cabling. In the manufacture of car seats and vehicle cooling systems, for example, Rapid Link ensures system availability as well as ensuring just-in-time delivery. Moreover, it is ideal for use in material feed systems in manufacturing processes.

The advantage: fully pluggable units and extensive diagnostics messages create an optimum system presence that enables faults to be localised and rectified quickly. The range of types required for spares is also considerably reduced since the current range of the electronic motor protection makes only one type necessary for controlling and protecting virtually any motor.

To protect the system, an enhanced diagnostics facility for the motor control units supports preventative maintenance and enables interventions to be made quickly. The modular design of the system enabling fast adaptation to changes in the manufacturing process.