Energy distribution

The energy supply: the umbilical cord of the production process. No matter how perfectly components are matched or how flexible machines are, nothing works without power. Power outages are a considerable threat to the production sequence. Redundant and networked systems are therefore used in order to ensure optimum availability and reliability.

One other key requirement: the protection of systems and persons. In this area, Moeller has been a reliable partner for decades. Our product range for power distribution offers more than a reliable power supply solution in automotive production.
One paradigm of reliable switching and protection: the NZM compact circuit-breakers up to 1600 A or the IZM open circuit-breakers up to 6300 A. All the circuit-breakers offer communication interfaces for power management and diagnostics information.

xEnergy, the integrated system range, consisting of switching and protective devices, mounting systems and control panels – including the planning tools – round off the range and offer ideal prerequisites for building infrastructure up to 4,000 A.

For applications in so-called unit substations or in the power plant area, the modular switchgear system MODAN® is especially suitable. For power distribution and motor control centres up to 6,300 A, the system guarantees the highest level of flexibility, safety and reliability. When you have individual projects, whether it is for functional buildings or for office and industrial buildings: our xEnergy Partner or MODAN® system partner can implement these reliably, quickly and efficiently.